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Welcome from LCDAA President


Hello LCDAA Members and Supporters,


It is with great pleasure and great honor to succeed Mr. George R. Flowers as president of LCDAA. Mr. G.R. exemplifies the strength and courage of the African Lion King. Since 1978, LCDAA continues to be one of the city's most steady African American social-cultural organizations. Nothing is broken or needs to be fixed, but some exciting changes are in progress.


LCDAA has united with Essence of the 70s, Light of the 80s, Ebone 66, and Spirit of the 90s to form the Evansville African American Reunion Collective. The Collective will personify the most powerful reunion group ever. The plans are for each Collective to function independently, but for the LCDAA 2024 reunion, we are uniting in power. LCDAA has always included graduates of other high schools; however, we want to highlight our brothers and sisters that grew up with the Lincoln crew even more. Therefore, we welcome everyone from surrounding high schools to celebrate in 2024. If you are not a graduate of any high school or not from the city, no problem, join the fellowship!


And please, please join us in becoming a member of LCDAA. Membership is open to everyone no matter what school you attended. If you received a scholarship donation from LCDAA, we hope you join as a member and celebrate with us too. Because it will be your turn to lead someday.


Peace, Love, and Blessings!


Watez G. Phelps, Sr.- Lincoln Kindergarten Class of 1962

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